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What parrots eat directly affects their health as well as their lifespan. These birds are generally omnivores, which means both plants and animals (mostly insects) make up their diet. Plus, strong beaks and powerful jaws make them suited for nuts and seeds.


What to Feed a Parrot?

Parrots eat a wide variety of food, including nuts, seeds, insects, fruits, and vegetables. Parrot pellets are typically made using a variety of these ingredients to provide complete nutrition. These help eliminate the guesswork and give owners a more convenient way to care for their pets.


To choose the best parrot feed for your pet, you need to consider: 



The best diet for your bird really depends on their species. For example, King Parrot food typically contains a mix of small seeds, including safflower, hemp, oats, and canary seeds. In addition, they should be fed fruits like apples and bananas on a regular basis.


On the other hand, Eclectus Parrot food contains a larger portion of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they still must be fed some seeds and pellets to encourage a more balanced diet. Small parrot mix is also different since it is mostly composed of sorghum, millet, and canary seeds.



Your parrot’s nutritional requirements vary depending on their age or lifestage. For example, the composition and texture of parrot feed is different for rearing young birds. Similarly, breeding parrots need more proteins and other nutrients to reproduce successfully.

How Many Times to Feed a Parrot?

Unless your vet instructs you otherwise, you should feed your parrot twice a day. In the wild, birds usually feed at daybreak and again before nightfall. Since you want to mimic nature, the best feeding schedule is early in the morning and then late in the afternoon.


Using packaged bird food and parrot pellets is the most convenient way to ensure your pet has a complete and balanced diet. Generally, you can choose one based on their species and lifestage. Nevertheless, your breeder or vet could provide advice on the best diet for your parrot.

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